Aina Kingetsu

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金月 愛菜
Gender Female
Home Hyōgo Prefecture
Age 15 (D.O.B: December 7 th)
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party SOS Party
Height 153 cm
Weight 42 kg

"It is cool Japan!"
Aina Kingetsu (金月 愛菜 Kingetsu Aina) is an Idol Dietwoman with the SOS Party.



Aina has thigh-length curly white hair that has thick bangs and forelocks hanging over her forehead where there is a pink and mint mini-hat with a blue ribbon tied around it on her head and big, bright blue eyes.

Her attire is based on a magical girl and consists of a brown and white corset with pink and yellow striped cuff to match the collar, along with a white two-layered cravat held by a sapphire gem, and white gloves with a pink wrist. The skirt is white with two peplum layers sewn over it, one being a two-petal pink with yellow lining and trim of ruffles, along with smaller pieces of fabric coming in dark cherry with yellow detail. A pink ribbon is sewn to the back. White tights and brown laced up boots with a white ribbon on the foot are included.

In the anime, she regains an entirely new look and her hair is now platinum blonde and decorated by a blue striped ribbon. Her attire consists of a white and pastel orange top with sheer fabric on the upper chest and the shoulder cut out from the sleeves. Gold accents decorate the collar, and she wears a grey choker with a blue stone and white ribbon. Her skirt is dull auburn with pale yellow lines on the hem and brown lines on the waist. She keeps her tights, but wears yellow and brown sandals with an orange bow on the ankle strap.


Aina is a cheerful girl who loves anime and cosplay.


Aina is half-Finnish (presumably on her mother's side since she has a Japanese surname).


  • The name Aina means "love, affection" (愛) (ai) and "vegetables, greens" (菜) (na).
    • It can also mean "always" in Finnish.
  • Aina's surname Kingetsu means "money" (金) (kin) and "moon" (月) (getsu).


  • Aina's Blood type is B.
  • Aina's favorite music genre is Anisong but she also likes Northern European Metal.
  • Aina's dream is to be an anime voice actress or a magical girl.
  • Aina has almost forgotten how to speak Finnish.
  • Aina's birthday is December 7th.
  • Aina is one of the only Dietwomen to make an appearance in the anime that is not affiliated with a Unit. 


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