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The Bishoujo Party is an idol Party in Idol Jihen. Their theme color is pink and there are currently six members in it. They are known for wearing flashy nails, accessories, and add pink modifications to make their uniforms cute or sexy

The party first appears in Episode 04, in which they were being criticised by the Rougai Party for their clothing choices.

Party Members

Idol Dietwomen

Name Age Home Additional notes
Ume Momoi 16 Kanagawa Prefecture Member of units SMILE ♥ X and HoneyTrap.
Monika Chibana 18 Okinawa Prefecture Member of HoneyTrap.
Sakura Isuzugawa 16 Yamagata Prefecture Member of HoneyTrap.
Hiyori Kitanaka 19 Kyoto Member of HoneyTrap.
Miyake Yukino 17 Gifu Prefecture Not featured in the anime.
Hikaru Sawada 19 Shizuoka Prefecture Not featured in the anime.


  • The average age of this Party is 17.5 years.
  • They have won the Annual Swimsuit Competition at least twice.