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Carbuncle is an idol unit made up of members from the Wakaba Party.


Name Age Home Additional notes
Kuruha Amou 13 Tokushima Member of SMILE ♥ X.
Yuina Amamiya 13 Tochigi Prefecture
Yuna Shimizu 13 Nagano Prefecture


1st Single - Green Fairy [2017.03.22]

  1. Green Fairy
  2. Wonderland no kakuzatō
  3. Green Fairy (Off-Vocal)
  4. Wonderland no kakuzatō (Off-Vocal)

Unit Outfit

Each girl wears the same outfit, the only differences being her flower color and flowered head accessories. Kuruha has purple flowers and wears a headband, Yuina has pink and wears a large bow, and Yuna has blue and wears ribbon on her pigtails.

The dress is composed of a pale mint blouse corset held by caramel-colored ribbon over ruffled white fabric in the middle of the chest and an emerald cloth wrapped around the navel, held by silver studs and decorated with tiny white dots. The sleeves are translucent, and sewn to the right of the chest are flowers, two colored, one white. The skirt is in two layers with a large ruffled white ribbon sewn to the back to accent the pearls and dots adorning the hem of the second skirt layer, which matches the cloth on the navel. The top skirt is a tutu with a flower design on each pleat. Their dark blue mary-janes have white bottom and a wing-like shape sewn to the ankle strap, accented with a pair of white stockings that have a lace cuff. Their gloves have an emerald ribbon on the wrist and lace trim.



  • Average age is 13 (youngest unit featured in Idol Jihen).


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