Hikaru Sawada
澤田 ひかる
Gender Female
Home Shizuoka
Age 19
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Bishoujo Party
Height 172 cm
Weight 50 kg

"Bullet shoot on social issues!!"
Hikaru Sawada is an Idol Dietwoman with the Bishoujo Party.




Hikaru has vibrant golden-orange eyes and long, slightly curled dark pink hair with a pale ombre towards the bottom. She has a small amount of hair pulled up into a bun and wears a gold visor over her bangs. She wears soft pink lipstick.

Her attire is composed of an orange and green tank-top and mini-skirt, along with white thigh high stockings and white and orange shoes with four straps on them. On one wrist is a white and red striped sweatband, while she wears a purple bracelet and a pink and white striped bracelet on the other wrist.




  • Hikaru is the tallest member of the Bishoujo Party.
  • Her birthday is December 22.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • Along with Sakura Isuzugawa, she is the only girl in the Bishoujo Party not to have brown or blonde hair.