Himawari Ikka
Gender Female
Home Ishikawa Prefecture
Age 17
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Sunlight Party
Height 152 cm
Weight 41 kg

Himawari Ikka is a character of Idol Jihen. She is part of the Sunlight Party.




Himawari has sharp amber eyes and fair skin with a fanged tooth. Her long blue hair is worn in pigtails with a yellow polka-dot ribbon tied beneath her head, and a large sunflower on either side. Her bangs are split in the middle, tucked beneath her short forelocks. She has antennae-style cowlicks.

Himawari wears bandages wrapped around her chest, along with a ruffled white and blue gradient mini-skirt with a blue waistband and speckles around the bottom, along with black bike shorts, toe sandals, and white socks. Over her outfit is a pink and black jacket with roping tied around her waist with a large blue sphere near the bottom of each tail, paper sheets, and a drum on each hip. She also wears polka-dot wrist accessories.






  • Her birthday is September 4.
  • Her blood type is B.