Isuzu Narukami

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Gender Female
Home Wakayama Prefecture
Age 20
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Starlight Party
Height 165cm
Weight 47kg

Isuzu Narukami is one of the main characters of Idol Jihen. She's from the Starlight Party as a Wakayama Prefecture representative. She is also part of the unit KiraKira.



Although Sakurako is the official leader of the Starlight Party, Isuzu often keeps a watch over her and others. She is stern and formal, and generally keeps to herself unless she sees something worth noting or is making discussion with someone. 


Isuzu has fair skin and drooping, feminine eyes of lavender (or grey in the anime). Her long grey-black hair is pulled up into a ponytail held with a white ribbon. Her bangs are split in the center and brushed beneath her thin forelocks, which reach her chest.

Isuzu wears a purple kimono with a floral print and lines covering it. Her obi is a teal gingham fabric and she wears orange and brown toe sandals and white toed socks. In the anime, her outfit was switched to a two-piece top worn with a navy pleat ankle-length skirt with flower and dot design around the bottom. On her waist is a pale turquoise ribbon.





  • Her birthday is October 1.
  • Her zodiac is Libra.
  • Her blood type is A.


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