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Mikarina is an idol unit made up of members of the Subculture Party.


Name Age Home Additional notes
Mika Kozuru 17 Kagoshima prefecture Member of SMILE ♥ X.
Riina Matsukaze 16 Saga Prefecture


1st Single - Gamushara彡Girl [2017.03.22]

  1. Gamushara彡Girl
  2. Denshi renjidechin shite ne
  3. Gamushara彡Girl (Off-Vocal)
  4. Denshi renjidechin shite ne (Off-Vocal)

Unit Outfit

Both girls wear a matching outfit, which is a split-colored kimono. The top has the same pattern, but the right portion is pale blue with black frills, while the left is a black with white frills. Gold ribbon lines the kimono, while the skirt is also split to reveal pale blue fabric on the right, and a glittering galaxy pattern on the left. Sticking out from the bottom is black ruffled glittery skirt fabric. The obi is turquoise with black detail. Ribbons are sewn to the sleeves in various places. They also wears blue flower accessories with gold dangles, sheer tights, and a pair of black and gold shoes.



  • Average age of the unit is 16.5 years.
  • The name Mikarina is a combination of the names of the two members, Mika and Rina.
  • One of two duos featured in Idol Jihen, the other being With.


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