Miyu Hirasawa
Gender Female
Home Hokkaido
Age 9
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Wakaba Party
Height 128cm
Weight 30kg

Miyu Hirasawa is a secondary characters in Idol Jihen. She is from the Wakaba Party as a Hokkaido representative.




Miyu has big green eyes and teal, medium-short hair worn mostly loose with a small amount pulled into a side-tail held with fluffy pom-poms. Her short forelocks and bangs frame her face.

Miyu wears a white top with light blue, yellow, red, and lavender accents, along with a drawing of a pink and green magical girl wielding her wand. The top is knotted at the corner, exposing her navel, and she wears a single suspender strap while the other hangs from her hip. The straps connect to a denim skirt. She also wears winter shoes with fluffy leg warmers that have a colorful diamond tile design lined in teal to match the strings tied to the side, each adorned with a pom-pom.




  • Her birthday is November 20.
    • She is the second youngest in the Party.
  • Her blood type is A.