Mizuki Fudou

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不動 瑞希
Gender Female
Home Tokyo, Japan
Age 19
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Sunlight Party
Height 167cm
Weight 49kg

Fudou Mizuki ( 不動 瑞希) is one of the characters of idol Jihen. She is voiced by Lynn.



Mizuki has a serene and calming atmosphere. However, she is a mature and responsible leader admired by many for her strength as an Idol and character. She can be stern at times and will do what she believes is best for the Party.


Mizuki has pale brown shoulder-length hair flaring out in all directions to match her bangs, which are split off-center and curl downward, blending in mostly with her forelocks, with the right side longer than the left. She wears a gold plant clip to match her necklace. She has sharp, grey femining eyes and a beauty mark on the lower left corner of her eye.

Her casual attire consists of a lavender and white blouse lined in pale indigo. White ruffles go down the center with lavender buttons, resting beneath a pale indigo ribbon worn at her collar. A matching belt is worn with her orange skirt that has two-diamond shaped buttons. She also wears black tights, black heels, and a brown bracelet or watch.


Mizuki is the Leader of the Sunlight Party and and member of SMILE ♥ X. Shizuka Onimaru was a prior member of the Sunlight Party until Mizuki witnessed the pain her aura caused other idols and as a result she decided it would be in their best interest if she left.

Currently Mizuki makes a reappearance, noticing how well Shizuka has been doing when partnered up with Natsuki.




  • Her voice actor also voiced [Azura] in Fire Emblem Fates's Japanese dub.
  • Her blood type is AB.
  • Her birthday is December 24.
  • She shares a few similarities and opposites with Sachie Kondou.
    • Both have a relaxed expression and appearance.
    • Both are seen as the mature member and leader of their respective Party.
    • While Mizuki has sharp eyes and hair flaring out, Sachie has drooping eyes and hair curling inward.
    • Mizuki wears a short outfit with tights, while Sachie wears longer clothing and no tights.


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