Monika Chibana

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知花 モニカ
Gender Female
Home Okinawa Prefecture
Age 18
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Bishoujo Party
Height 167 cm
Weight 52 kg

Monika Chibana is an Idol Dietwoman with the Bishoujo Party. She is also a member of the unit HoneyTrap.



Monika is an easy-going type who has a tendency to show up late for some reason or the other. However, she never really seems very concerned over it. 


Monika has fair skin and downward slanted light blue eyes with a single lash at each corner. Her long, dirty blonde hair is very curled and nearly reaches her navel. She wears gold hoop earrings and a red flower hair ornament.

She wears a yellow top that has shoulder straps decorated by a black knotted ribbon and a pair of sleeves lines in black beneath the shoulder. OKINAWA is written in pale blue and white on the chest. She also wears a white denim mini-skirt with a pale blue belt that has a flower-shaped buckle, and a pair of black and beige sandals.

In the anime, her hair is a vibrant yellow color and is mostly straightened while her eyes become turquoise. She wears a white top over a yellow tank-top, an orange arm piece with a shell on it, denim shorts with floral and leaf pattern, and beige sandals. Her toenails are light blue. 






  • Her birthday is February 2.
  • Her blood type is O.