Natsuki Hoshina

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"I want to relax everyone's hearts!"
星菜 夏月
Gender Female
Home Niigata
Age 16
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Heroines Party
Height 157cm
Weight 42kg

Natsuki Hoshina (星菜 夏月 Hoshina Natsuki) is the main protagonist of Idol Jihen. She is a cheerful girl from Niigata who is an idol dietwoman of the Heroines Party.

She is voiced by Yashima Sarara.



Natsuki has long magenta hair worn in fluffy twin-tails held with a few curls left loose, held with a rice ball attached to a band. She has thick, slightly messy bangs with a thick curled strand resting above them. Her forelocks taper down into sunny colored braids while the rest is left loose. She has large gold eyes.

Her casual attire consists of a dark blue and white striped top beneath a white parka accent by thin lines of orange and the zipper worn down to her navel with a rice ball pull. She pairs it with a light blue pleat skirt, white shoes with red bottom and pale pink laces, and black and white knee-socks.

While practicing in the first episode, she wears a yellow T-shirt with "I ♥" and a rice ball (onigiri) on it, along with red trousers.

Her first Idol Costume is composed of a short-sleeved dress with a layered, ruffled knee-length skirt. The top resembles a sailor uniform while resting on her left shoulder are small white wings poking out from beneath the collar. Down the middle is a bright red section with yellow argyle, along with accents of deep blue and gold. Her skirt is mostly red with a deep blue bow accent with gold on the front of her left hip. She also wears a deep blue choker with a gold ornament hanging from it, Shoes with a one inch heel and white laces, and white socks with ruffles at the top and blue accent. Her left leg sports a bow matching the one on her skirt.


Natsuki is a hard-working and cheerful girl with a lot of energy and she believes that it's political to make everyone smile. Despite this, on the stage and in public as idol, she seems to be rather shy and afraid. She also has a tendency to trip over herself when trying to talk about things, but while performing, her aura is very strong. She can perform alongside Shizuka Onimaru without being hurt, unlike those who did in Shizuka's past.

She is very courageous, always willing to rush head first into something new if its for the sake of others. With her natural kindness and dedication, she is able to win others over.

She can also be quite sensitive, and that is shown when those who supported a rivaling party challenged her with her ways. She lost her confidence from before, but was able to gain it back thanks to her neighbors from Niigata.


Natsuki is from a village in Niigata where she was called a "Village Idol". She often performed in front of the villagers while they were working to keep their spirits high. She lives with her grandmother.


While Natsuki was singing to everyone as they worked hard to plant their rice, Sachie Kondou discovered her while driving by. Allured by the natural Idol aura she possessed, she mentioned by the upcoming Idol Auditions. Excited by the prospect, Natsuki quickly agreed and took the test to determine which of the entrants deserved to become an Idol. She was the only girl to reach the very top of the hill and began drumming up support from those outside of her village- with little to no results at first.


Shizuka Onimaru

Natsuki already knew about her prior to meeting her and really admires her as they both share the same dream of making everyone smile and she quickly took to Shizuka that she enjoys being with her.


  • The name Natsuki means "summer" (夏) (natsu) and "moon" (月) (ki), which can be translated as moon or month.
  • Natsuki's surname Hoshina means "star" (星) (hoshi) and "vegetables, greens" (菜) (na), which likely refers her talent and her origin as a village idol who supports the farmers.


  • Natsuki comes from Niigata.
    • Niigata is also the base where the idol group Niigata48 is based.
  • Natsuki's favorite food is onigiri and she loves rice balls.
  • Natsuki's image color is red, which is also the color of compassion, determination, and love.
  • Natsuki's birthday is July 6.
  • Natsuki's blood type is O.


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