Ruru Kitani

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木谷 るる
Gender Female
Home Saitama
Age 15
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Sunlight Party
Height 143 cm
Weight 40 kg

Ruru Kitani is a character of Idol Jihen. She is part of the Sunlight Party.



Ruru generally keeps to herself and is fairly quiet, due to her sleepy nature and lack of energy. Rarely she displays childish mannerisms and can be cheeky or blunt.


Ruru has fair skin and drooping green eyes with a youthful face. Her long red hair is fairly messy with several strands and locks sticking up and out, creating a "permanent bed head" look. She has a thick curled strand of hair on top of her head for a cowlick, which matches the tufts of hair creating her bangs. Her forelocks end at her chest with a slight curl.

Ruru wears a white school sports jacket with purple on the collar, sleeve cuff, and bottom, a hot pink zipper going down the middle, and sleeves of pastel pink with the inner section pastel yellow. She also wears black short-shorts and green and white slippers that resemble monster feet. She has candy filling her pockets, a bandage on her left knee, and a large winged mushroom stuffed animal.

In the anime, Ruru wears a pale yellow top with gold pockets over a pale pink tank-top and dark blue puffy shorts with rolled cuff. Her winged mushroom doll is now modified into a hair clip. She wears orange shoes with white bottoms and a pair of leg warmers, the left legs sagging and colored pink and gold, while the other is green and pink.






  • She is the youngest girl in the Sunlight Party. She shares this with Umi Hioki, who is also 15.
    • This also makes her the youngest in the Idol unit, A.I.S.
  • Her birthday is April 1, April Fools Day.
  • Her blood type is AB.