Sachie Kondou


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"I will consult Japan with love ♪"
近堂 幸恵
Gender Female
Home TBA
Age 23
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Idol Manager
Party Heroines Party
Height 165cm
Weight TBA

Sachie Kondou (近堂 幸恵 Kondō Sachie) is the one of the main characters in Idol Jihen. She is an Idol and idol manager who was the one to scout Natsuki Hoshina as an idol and part of the Heroines Party.



Sachie has thigh-length dirty blonde hair that is worn in a loose thick-braided ponytail at the bottom of her head with short straightened bangs and forelocks that reach her shoulder and curl inward, downward-slanted grey-blue eyes and a beauty mark at the left corner of her mouth.

Her casual outfit is composed of a dull mint turtleneck worn beneath a pale pink jacket. She also wears white flats and a long pleated skirt with a floral design on the bottom.

In the anime she is instead shown wearing a white frilly top with grey border, a loose dark blue jacket, and a very pale green skirt.


Sachie is a calm and caring Idol with a laid-back personality, but she can be absent-minded and distracted with silly things, such as painting her nails during an "important" conversation at times. She treats other Idols like younger sisters and with her knowledge about various things, she normally gives them advice or points out their strong points during moments of self-doubt. She also likes to tease others and often leaves them with cryptic comments.




  • The name Sachie means "happiness, good luck" (幸) (sachi) and "branch" (枝) or "favor, benefit" (恵) (e).
  • Sachie's surname Kondou means "near" (近) (kon) and "temple" (堂) (dou).


  • Sachie is the eldest out of the entire Heroines Party.
    • She is also one of the eldest Idols in the series.
  • Sachie's blood type is A.
  • Sachie's birthday is May 18.


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