Ume Momoi

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桃井 梅
Gender Female
Home Kanagawa, Japan
Age 16
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Bishoujo Party
Height 162cm
Weight 47kg

Ume Momoi (桃井 梅 Momoi Ume) is one of the characters of idol Jihen.

She is voiced by Nakada Sayaka.



Ume is a curvy and slightly tan-skinned girl with navel-length hair that is adorned by a seagull clip on the right side, slanted dull-blue eyes, a band aid on her right thigh and she wears light blue nail polish.

Her attire consists of an orange bikini worn under a white top with a navy band circling the chest, decorated by a small blue ribbon and white lining. A black strap wraps beneath the chest to accent the lines over it, with a small anchor, seagull and heart charm sewn to the center. Her bottoms are simple denim short-shorts with a white belt, she wears a pair of white, orange and light blue flip-flops and a bracelet with a matching sphere rests on her left wrist.  


Ume is an excitable and passionate girl who loves surfing.



  • The name Ume means "sea, ocean" (梅).
  • Ume's surname Momoi means "hundred" (百) or "peach" (桃) (momo) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • Ume's birthday is September 1.
  • Ume's blood type is A.
  • Ume's voice actor used to be a member of AKB48, a popular idol group.
  • In the anime, Ume has light blue painted toenails to match her fingernails.
  • Ume resembles Miki Hoshii from Idol M@ster.
  • Despite being Party Leader, Ume is one of the youngest in the Bishoujo Party.


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