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With is a duo Idol unit formed by two members from the Heroines Party, Shizuka Onimaru and Natsuki



Name Age Home Colour Additional notes
Natsuki Hoshina 16 Niigata Prefecture Red Member of SMILE ♥ X.
Shizuka Onimaru 16 Fukuoka Prefecture Blue Member of SMILE ♥ X.


1st Single - START UP, DREAM!! [2016.10.19]

  2. Oikaze wa Hurricane
  3. STARTUP, DREAM!! (Off-Vocal)
  4. Oikaze wa Hurricane (Off-Vocal)

2nd Single - Ending Theme "Respect" [2017.02.22]

  1. Respect
  2. Jack in Dreamer
  3. Respect (Off-Vocal)
  4. Jack in Dreamer (Off-Vocal)

Unit Outfit

Both girls wears a white buttoned top with one sleeve in the shape of a wing and a blue and white collar with a ribbon sewn to it. A blue, whie, and gold vest with sections of gingham is worn over this, coming with blue gingham for Shizuka, and pink for Natsuki. The skirt is in four layers alternating between solid fabric and gingham with layers of white lace and a blue and gold ribbon sewn to each hip. Shizuka's skirt is blue, while Natsuki's is red. Both girls also gain a blue choker with a gold charm, and white boots accent by blue and gold. For their hair each girls gains a gingham ribbon lined in dark blue with lace accenting.

Each outfit has a variety of differences in placement. Shizuka's wing sleeve is on her right shoulder, while she has a blue bracelet and her hair ribbon on her left side. Natsuki's red bracelet and hair bow is on her right side, while her wing is on the left.


Natsuki admired Shizuka for a long time and was delighted when she got a chance to put on her first performance with her. Initially Shizuka didn't share the sentiment and didn't want to perform with her until waching Natsuki struggle on stage. After joining her and learning that her harmful aura did nothing to her, she realized that together they could create a dazzling new aura and put on a performance that quickly catch the crowds attention- as well as the enemy party.


  • In Idol Time PriPara there is another Idol unit by the name of With, but it is a trio, male idol unit.
    • Like this unit, it also has two members with a blue and red color scheme.


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