Yuina Amamiya
Gender Female
Home Tochigi Prefecture
Age 13
Occupation Idol Dietwoman
Party Wakaba Party
Height 143cm
Weight 40kg

Yuina Amamiya is a secondary characters in Idol Jihen. She's from the Wakaba Party, and is a Tochigi representative. She is also from the idol unit Carbuncle.




Yuina has big blue eyes and very long, curled brown hair that surpasses her waist. She has straight cut bangs and long forelocks held by a tiny bow near the bottom, reaching her chest.

She wears a pink long-sleeved shirt beneath a chiffon ruffled shawl that has a brown fur collar and large red pom-pom sewn to the string tails. Her skirt is pink and yellow striped with chiffon trim and a print of faded cookies, white tights, and red baby doll shoes that have a beige bottom, pale brown fluffy cuff, and a pale yellow bow on the toe. She wears a pale beige muff over her hands with a dark blue bow, a heart-shaped purse, and a pink and chiffon frilly bow in her hair.

In the anime Yuina wears a dark cream-colored dress with a stitch design in the middle, pale yellow frilly petticoat, and a line of dull red on the hem. The upper chest and collar is pale yellow with a large ruffled copper ribbon. Her hair ribbon is entirely pink, and she gains white gloves. Her shoes keep their red color but change in design.




  • Her birthday is June 4.
  • Her blood type is AB.